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"My husband and I have very different backgrounds. I am white and raised as a reform Jew with interests in Buddhist philosophy, and he is a black christian. We decided it was important for us to have a Jewish wedding, but not so religious that it made anybody in the family uncomfortable (including us!). I came across a recommendation for Cathy after a lot of internet digging, and looking back I am glad I found her. Cathy was sweet and easy to get along with, very open minded, and a good listener. She understood exactly what we were looking for in our ceremony, and worked with us to create a ceremony that met our ideal word for 

word. She had no problem using or omitting any Jewish traditions, incorporating outside readings and prayers or songs, and was constantly available to talk to us throughout the engagement period. On the wedding day she arrived early and spent some time with my family and I in the bridal suite. The ceremony itself was gorgeous and I feel that it went exactly how my husband and I envisioned it to be. After the wedding Cathy was on top of the paperwork part of getting married, and handled all of the marriage certificate application work with punctuality. Also, her fee was absolutely reasonable, especially considering the phenomenal job she did! We met with some Rabbis who charge twice as much as her. We really love Cathy and definitely recommended her to anybody looking for a Jewish flavored interfaith wedding!


Cantor Cathy Lawrence is so fantastic! I can't say enough wonderful things about the way she helped us to have the most beautiful ceremony. Our wedding was definitely the most beautiful day of my life thanks to Cathy.

- Andrea

"Cantor Cathy was terrific to work with from start to finish. She is warm, open, perceptive, helpful and creative. We connected with her immediately and enjoyed a wonderful, collaborative process. The end result was a ceremony that felt perfect for us. We also enjoyed the addition of her very talented sons and their musical ensemble (the NY Troubadours) as part of our ceremony. From a spiritual musical start to a terrific rendition of "I'm a Believer", they were wonderful, and we feel all could not have been better. Our many compliments from our guests confirmed this. We would highly recommend Cathy as well as her sons and their group." Jill & Charles, NYC


First off, we wanted to thank you so much for everything --- from Day 1 of our process on to the very day of the wedding. You were so patient with us and helped guide us towards what was one of the most amazing ceremonies. We searched high and low for someone who was willing to work with us on getting the ceremony 'right' -- and thank heavens we found you.

We also thank you for your willingness to get to know us, having us over for dinner, going back and forth over ceremony choices ---- and for being so emotionally connected to our ceremony and our marriage. We could not have asked for anything more, and those 20 minutes will be a memory ingrained in us forever. Our families thought the world of you as did the rest of the entire wedding folk!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

xo,Brad & Aron"

From the Jewish partner's parents:

"Hello Cathy,

Jim & I wanted to take a moment and once again let you know how wonderful the ceremony was.

It was the perfect reflection of love, support, and Jewish tradition

which has always been such an important part of our family life. It 

was exactly how we envisioned our children's wedding!

Thank you for being there for Brad and helping to inspire Aron at this

special time in their lives.

Thanks again for being part of such a wonderful evening!

Much Love,

Bonnie & Jim Malow"

From the non-Jewish parents:

"Thank you so much for being the officiate at Aron and Brad's wedding ceremony. It meant so much to them as well as the friends and extended families on both sides. I do not think I have ever been to a ceremony more moving, joyous, and heartfelt. These are two very special people to us and I could tell you shared those feelings. That meant so much to us.

-Don and Jerrie Janssen "

We highly recommend Cantor Cathy Lawrence. Our ceremony was truly memorable because of Cathy. Cathy included all the guests which 

made the guests enjoy the ceremony even more! Anyone using Cathy will be sure to have a great experience!

- Chantel and Mitch

Cantor Cathy was fantastic. She went above and beyond to do something different. I'm Jewish and my now-husband is Hindu. In lieu of having two separate ceremonies we decided to create our own, Hinjew, wedding which combined aspects of both the Jewish and Hindu traditions. She spent extra time with us (and the Hindu officiant) to sit down and discuss the traditions, what they meant and how they fit together. She really added a personal touch to the ceremony and she oversaw the ketubah signing as well. We got many compliments from our guests about what a great job she did tying the two religions together. We highly recommend her.

-Laura and Sree

Cantor Cathy provided exceptional service, flexibility, value and was completely open and responsive to our every request and whim. She helped guide us through the whole process and made suggestions that we never considered, but totally appreciated that made our wedding even more special. Cantor Cathy is an exceptional wedding vendor who we would recommend in a heartbeat.

- Monica and Adam

Dear Cathy,

Thank you so much for officiating our wedding ceremony. It was such a beautiful, simple, and lovely service. Please keep in touch!


Sherri and Josh

We are so lucky to have found Cathy! Our ceremony was tailored to us perfectly, and she always knew just what to say during the planning phases. Cathy is more than a cantor, she's a teacher and a guide, and she helped navigate my non-Jewish wife through the aspects of a Jewish ceremony that we both wanted to include, until we came up with something just the right balance for us. Our musicians came up to us afterward and said that it was the most beautiful ceremony they'd ever seen, and that's all Cathy's doing.

-Erica and Abbi

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